Max Fortune

Max Fortune is the President & C.E.O of Platinum Agency, LLC. A Financial services and credit repair company that has helped thousands of people become debt-free.   A company he started in 1998 with less than two thousand dollars, which has generated well over a million dollars.

Max fortune started his work career at the age of eight years old.  He worked after school at the elementary school he attended.  He emptied trash cans for $2.50 a week.  He started his first company at 18 years old and has started well over 20 different companies since then.

He has 20 plus years of sales experience.  He has sold everything from automobiles to vacuum cleaners. He is presently certified as a Wealth Management Specialist and has been licensed in the following areas: Life insurance, Property & Casualty insurance, Series 6 Investment License, Mortgage and Real Estate licensed.  He has also been a tax preparer for more than 16 years. 

He has written and produced music, produced videos, published magazines and is a single parent to four children whom he absolutely adores and is very close to. 

He enjoys sharing his experiences with others and has a strong passion for helping people. He thoroughly enjoys mentoring others and has motivated and inspired many people to better themselves despite their circumstance.